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May 20. 2023: Many releases pending. You can get access to any orange item (📙) by donating or sharing a missing item (📕). Full list here.

Apr 7. 2023: Worldwide shipping now starts at 0.99€ for leaflets and books.

Mar. 28. 2023: Looking for people to host mirrors or seed a torrent of all the releases. Please contact us.

Feb. 21. 2023: You can use the shopping cart to order available books as a print version as well as request books. Just fill the message field with the title, author and if possible ISBN/Editor of each book you want. This works, even with an empty basket. Link

Dec. 21. 2022: Send an email for new requests.

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Send us an email to add your releases to the list. This will help other contributors not to do the same work again! You can even include your bitcoin/paypal/monero address for readers to show gratitude, as well as your blog.

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See: Requests

If you can find a copy of these books, that would help someone in our community a lot. To request a book, contact us on IRC or send us an email.

Work In Progress

See: Work In Progress

Those books have been processed to some extent, any help in translation or transcription welcome (contact us). If the links to the file are dead or missing please contact us.

About this site

We strive to make digital editions of hard to find books that can be read, printed and bound by anyone. We process scans from around the world (mostly from archive.org) to make them lighter files, more appealing, text-searchable and indexed. We love LaTex and plain text.

To print a book, you need any DIN-A4 printer (laser recommended). “-bklt.pdf” files will be stapled two times in the middle and “-book.pdf” files (24 pages and more) glued and bound. Contact us for help in binding your books.

You can contact us to:

*for a donation of 0,04€ per page (B/W A5, perfect bound, delivery fees apply).
We are looking for printing partners in many countries to reduce shipping costs as well as donations to buy better equipment.

How to contribute

You can help on our WIPs or submit your own projects:

  1. Books you digitized yourself
  2. Rare scans or files you found
  3. Your own editions, preferably as a nicely typeset PDF with LaTeX

How to reach us

Just come over on #chadnet on Rizon IRC or see the contact page for emails and our newsletter.

Our domains are scriptorium.eu.org

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