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The english translations of Cristina Campo S'il Vous Plaît.

>the "Berliner Turfantexte" series

/r/ anything by Vilhelm Grønbech apart from "culture of the teutons"

Ludwig Binswanger

essays on Carmelo Bene, design catalogs/books about furniture and industrial design, examples would be gufram, olivetti or even Eames

>crypto blockchains

Anything by montherlant


quan millz
Alexander Grothendieck

Meeting by accident (is it: Meeting by Accident: Selected Historical Bindings, Julia Miller ?)
arno schmidt collected stories
arno schmidt collected novellas
arno schmidt two novels
arno schmidt collected novellas - collected early fiction 1949-1964 volume 1
radio dialogs | arno schmidt
schmidt. scenes from the life of a faun
Dubowski - Shark Attack
Zettel’s Traum


Anyone got any Joseph Mcelroy?

Ive got a scanned copy of lookout cartridge that i copped off zlib but most of his shit seems hard to find.

>Peter Sotos
you mean that peter sotos?

>>Check warosu, it's in a mega folder



for infographics:
pdf links below


more pdfs from Panagiotis Kondylis and related authors


I have several dozen recently released obscure translations from indie pubs like Atlas, Dedalus, Wakefield, Snuggly etc.
How can I digitize them to spread the epubs?

  "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
 Try Robert A. Heinlein's books like Citizen of the Galaxy.
 Roadside Picnic is a great, short, and relatively easy read. Would definitely recommend it.
Personally, I just finished reading the first book of the Hyperion series (Dan Simmons) and enjoyed it a lot as well. The page count is a bit longer, but the way it's broken up you can easily read it in chunks if that's too much for you. Either way, it's an easy and enjoyable read, so it shouldn't be too hard to get into either. Asimov's Foundation series is a bit longer, but the first book especially is broken up into shorter story chunks as well. Also a great series.
Sci-fi in general isn't too challenging or slow to read.

If you're cool with short stories as well, check out Lovecraft.

Do you have any oop Russell Edson or James Tate? Chapbooks especially.
Wakefield Press

Schwob, Nerval and Perec are the only good writers they’ve published
I’ve read Chazal, Burger, Bloy, Rodenbach and Marino. All rubbish
Nah, also Hugo Ball, Bloy, Daumal, Panizza, Scheerbart, Oscar Schmitz, among others.

>among others
>not good
Nah, you’re just dumb, m8